Sports & Entertainment Law

McDowell Rice’s Sports and Entertainment Law Group has a national reputation providing a wide range of experience in all aspects of sports law, with an emphasis on issues relating to amateur and intercollegiate athletics.  Our Sports and Entertainment Law attorneys have represented clients in various high-profile cases in the areas of antitrust, Title IX compliance, defamation, concussion-related injuries, intellectual property, student-athlete eligibility, amateurism, student-athlete health and welfare, civil rights, business torts, and claims by former coaches arising from NCAA enforcement proceedings.  Additionally, our Sports and Entertainment  Law Group has years of experience representing clients at all levels of the law, from administrative hearings to litigation in state and federal courts nationwide.

McDowell Rice’s Sports and Entertainment Law Group offers a unique combination of real-world player experience as well as on-the-ground familiarity with emerging issues related to association law and governance issues, management of emerging risks in the sports industry, and public policy to help resolve all manner of sports-related disputes.  This gives our team the experience and dedication necessary to meet the diverse demands of a challenging and ever-evolving sports industry. 

Given the current climate of amateur athletics and its frequent intersection with the entertainment world, our team understands the nature of this increasingly complicated and media-sensitive industry.  We have the level of expertise to handle intense media coverage and public scrutiny, while navigating the myriad legal of current and emerging risks facing our Sports and Entertainment Law clients.

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